Solar Thermal Water or Glycol Systems

Your solar hot water system isn't getting hot as it use too?  It might be experiencing some issues; but no worries!  Our experienced technicians will get your system back up and running in no time!



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Maximize Energy From Your Solar Thermal System

Solar Thermal Systems such as Solar Hoter Water, requires periodic maintenance inspections to keep your system running efficiently.  Supreme Power has the technological background to check for issues including: Heat transfer fluids, Collector shading or soiling, pipe blockages, thermosats, expansion tank, electrical issues, valve replacement, etc.  We understand these issues and guarantee your system will be back up and running in no time. 

How Solar Water Heating Works

A solar hot water system is very simple.  Your system is using the sun's energy to heat either glycol or water in a collector on the roof which transfers heat into your hot water tank. When there is little or no sunlight, the solar hot water will still function as a regular hot water heater and provide ample hot water for your home.


Smart Technology Delivers Simple, Effective Practical Performance

SunEarth offers four of the six leading solar thermal system technologies, including forced-circulation glycol, drainback, integral collector storage, and forced circulation open loop.  SunEarth technology and Supreme Power are proud to offer customers a variety of products and system choice that are designed to ensure years of trouble-free and energy savings regardless of their locale.

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