Disaster Recovery


In case a disaster strikes, Supreme Power understand the severity of a diaster and is always ready to help fellow patrons at a moments notice. With that, we are always ready and prepared to have your system up and running in no time.    

Has your solar system been destroyed by a disaster?

We provide 24/7, year-round service to get your system restored and homeowners peace of mind.





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What is Disaster Recovery and Prepardness?


Disaster Prepardness refers to measures taken to prepare for and reduce the effects of a disaster.  That is, to perfect and, where possible, prevent disaster, mitigate their impact or vulnerable populations and respond to and effectively cope with their consequences. 

Supreme Power will take care of your solar needs and help you along the way.

Trained Professionals

Our team of professional service technicians are licensed to install, remove, and reinstall your solar system.  All components of your destroyed system will be taken off safely and efficiently.

After your solar system has been reinstalled, we will perform a Quality Control Check to make sure the panels are mounted correctly, roof is free from debris, no torn shingles, gum paper will be checked to avoid roof leaks, electrial is tied in correctly from the roof, to the inverter, and back to the electrical service panel.  Your service tech will leave you with a written report detailing production analysis and system performance.


Our Customer Care Team

If a disaster strikes, our service team understands your dilemma and will provide the best customer service bar none. 

When you contact us, our service will include:

1.  A concierge professional assigned exclusively to you that will help you along the way.

2.  A technician will arrive at the home and diagnose the damage to the system and home.

3.  After the diagnostic analysis, we will provide the necessary paperwork to illustrate the process of removing and reinstallation.

4.  After the reinstallation, a technician will give a detailed report of all work done and commission the system.


We are here 24/7, 365 days.  Simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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