System Energy Audit & Consumption Report


Find out if your solar is working properly by having our team perform a thorough inspections of your system and its components. 

Buying or Selling a home with Solar?

Just like a roof inspection, a system audit will give new and existing homeowners peace of mind about their solar system.

Repair Suggestions:

A list of recommended repairs as well as a quote to fix them.

Detailed Report

All vital data needed for a customer to understand the general condition of the solar system.

Production Estimate

Estimated production and a calculation to determine annual electric bill savings.

Visual Inspection

Inspection of the entire solar system photographing key components.

Trained Professionals With Exceptional Service

Our team of professional service technicians are licensed to install solar.  That means they know what components to check and what issues to look for.  Your service tech will leave you with a written report detailing any issues they identified during the inspection and a quote to fix them.


Solar System Audit & Consumption Report

Have our technicians perform a full system audit and report on the existing solar system, check for system production and technical issues. This can reassure owners that their system won’t run into any unexpected service issues down the line.

After the inspection is complete, our team will provide a detailed report identifying any issues with suggested solutions and pricing to fix them.


Service Fee: $200

Or $270.00 with a 10% discount is provided to those who sign up as a preferred partner.

Visual Inspection

Voltage/Electrical Testing

Production Estimate

Comprehensive Report

Repair Recommendations


Service Fee: $150

The Consumption Analysis consists of a walk-through of the entire home to visually see what factors are causing an electricity bill to be elevated.

Visual Inspection of every area of the home

Voltage/Electrical Testing of Electrical Service Panel

Comprehensive Report

Energy-Efficient Recommendations